Jane Austen Oscars

Hello readers! You are about to witness the virtual Jane Austen Oscars awards ceremony. The winners have been selected by a well-qualified committee, which consists of the owner of this blog and her friend Molly. The committee does not have the funds to support the cash prizes, so they are forcing the losers to pay the winners.

If you have not read all six Jane Austen novels, it would be a very reckless deed for you to read this post. The committee will freely share spoilers.

Best Marital Match formed as a part of the book – prize of £110

1st place- Colonel Brandon and Marianne (Sense and Senibility)

Marianne never thought she would be willing to marry a person who was on the wrong side of 35 and wore a fannel waistcoat, but she did. This represents a great deal of personal growth for Marianne. And also Lydia is a Marianne superfan.

2nd place- Robert Martin and Harriet Smith (Emma)

Robert read a book for Hariett and that is how to really win a woman’s heart.

Worst Marial Match formed during the book-owe Col. B. & Marianne £110

1st place Mr. Rushworh and Maria (Mansfield Park)

Their marriage just didn’t work out at all. Fortunately Mr. Rushworth will be able to afford to pay us his fee. (Photo represents Mr. Rushworth’s welth)

2nd place Willoughby and Miss Grey (Sense and Senibility)

He is unpredictable, unreliable, irresponsible, etc. and she is controlling and if the committee had to guess not that fun to be around.

Most entertaing couple arguments-prize of £36,196 

1st place- Emma and Mr. George Knightly (Emma)

Emma is constantly trying to provoke Knightly, and Knightly tries to train her, but the key word there is tries. They are always an entertaining pair.

2nd place Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy (Pride and Predudice)

All members of the comette enjoy reading about these two interacting.

Least entertaining couple-owe Knightly and Emma £36,196

1st place-Jane and Mr. Bingley (Pride and Predudice)

The committee likes both of these people but they aren’t really that entertaining. They’re both super chill people which is normally not a bad thing but today it is costing them a hefty sum.

2nd place- Mr. Collins and Charlotte

These folks just sort of sit around and don’t do a lot.

Most mature heroine-prize of £30

1st place-Anne Elliot

She acts as the resposible adult for lots of other adults.

2nd place-Elinor Dashwood

Elinor generally conducts herself in a fairly mature manner.

Most imature heronine-owes Anne Elliot £30

1st place-Catherine Morland (Northanger Abbey)

Catherine is not in touch with what’s going on around her and doesn’t have a realistic idea of how people work. She’s been reading too much horror and Halmark.

2nd place Emma Woodhouse (Emma)

Emma decides what she wants to be true and then is blind to any contrary evidence. She gets people (Harriet) to follow her and pulls them into her misguided observations.

Most annoying character-prize of £13,ooo

1st place-Mrs. Norris (Mansfield Park)

She just gets on a person’s nerves and is not pleasant to hang out with. (Photo represents Mrs. Norris’s monetary habbits)

2nd place-Isabella Thorpe (Northanger Abbey)

Isabella will manipulate any situation and interfere with Catherine’s personal affairs.

Most sappy/romantic couple-owes Mrs. Norris £13,ooo

1st place-Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth (Persuasion)

The letter is prehaps the most mushey collection of words in all of Jane Austen. Also Wentworth sets unrelistic expectations for relationships.

2nd place- Mr. Bingley and Jane (Pride and Predudice)

Jane pines away for Bingley and once they are engaged Bingley is frequently tring to get Jane to himself.

Best partron/patroness-prize of £26,445

1st place Colonel Brandon (Sense and Sensibility)

Col. Brandon offers his living to Edward just to be nice and he cleans up the house and makes it a desirable place to live.

2nd place- Mr. Darcy (Pride and Predudice)

We don’t actually know who occupies his living, but concidering the fact that he didn’t want Wickham to have it so the committee figures he does a good job managing it.

Worst Partron/partroness-owes £26,445 to Col. Brandon

1st place-General Tilney (Northanger Abbey)

He kicks Catherine out of his house because he finds out she doesn’t have a lot of money.

2nd place-Sir Thomas Betram and Lady Bertram

They let inhabitants of their living (Crawford Siblings) cause problems for their own children. (Photo represents Lady Bertram’s dog)

Most underated character- prize of £27,ooo

1st place-Mr. Rushworth (Mansfield Park)

He’s rich, but yet ignored. What’s up with this?

2nd place- Mary Bennett (Pride and Predudice)

Mary is the poster child of underated characters.

Most overated character- owes Mr. Rushworth £27,ooo

1st place- Mr. Darcy (Pride and Predudice)

This dude gets a lot of hype and only deserves a small portion of it.

2nd place- Mr. Bingley (Pride and Predudice)

Bingley is nice, but he doesn’t really have a backbone.

Best sibling pair-prize two amber cross necklaces

1st place Elinor and Marianne Dashwoood (Sense and Sensibility)

The whole book of Sense and Sensibility kind of revolves around the relationship of these two.

Second place has a tie:

Fanny and William Price (Mansfield Park)

Fanny and William are very sweet and the committee loves them. (Photo represents the necklace that William sent to Fanny)

Elizabeth and Jane Bennett (Pride and Predudice)

The committee felt bad to leave these siblings off.

Best side character-prize of £25,00

1st place- Colonel Fitzwilliam (Pride and Predudice)

Col. Fitzwilliam could have been an excellent husband for Elizabeth. Too bad it didn’t work out. Lydia has created a theory related to this. It’s called the E-fitz-a-beth conspiracy. This theory states that Col. Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth were secretly engaged. Their engagment endend when Col. Fitzwilliam realized that Elizabeth had a chance with Mr. Darcy. His love for her caused him to want her to be rich, so he told her to marry Mr. Darcy instead of himself. If any readers have questions about the E-fitz-a-beth conspiracy, they can post them in the comments.

2nd place-Mrs. Weston (Emma)

Mrs. Weston is always very kind to Emma, even when she is annoying.

Most surprising hero – prize of £18,400

1st place-Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)

The committee agreed that Mr. Darcy’s first proposal to Elizabeth was very surprising.

2nd place- Colonel Brandon (Sense and Sensibility)

All members of the committee claimed that they didn’t expect Marianne to be willing to marry Col. B.

Smartest charecter-prize of £2,000

1st place-Charlotte Lucas (Pride and predudice)

Charlotte is smart enough to realize that it is in her best interest to marry Mr. Collins.

2nd place-Mrs. Benett (Pride and Predudice)

Mrs. Bennet seems to be the only person in the world who realizes that if her daughters don’t marry well, they will be poor and dependent on charity once their father dies. Her attempts to get her daughters married shows genuine love and care for their well being.

Best parent of a heroine prize-£1,000

1st place- Mrs Dashwood (Sense and Sensibility)

Mrs. Dashwood is a very involved mother who loves her daughters. Also her financial situation is such, that an extra £1,000 will be extremely beneficial.

2nd place- Mr and Mrs Moreland (Northanger Abbey)

Mr. and Mrs. Morlard are goodhearted honest folks.

Worst parent of a heroine- owe £1,000 to Mrs Dashwood

1st place- Mr. and Mrs. Price (Mansfield park)

When Fanny returns to her home after being gone for several years, her parents are not very happy to see her. They also have favorite children and make that fact clearly observable.

2nd place- Sir Walter Elliot (Persuasion)

Sir Walter is wholly self absorbed and never pays much attention to his children.

Best Aunt/ Uncle- prize £100

1st place- Anne Elliot (Persuasion)

Anne looks after her nephew when he is sick and is more attentive to him than his mom is.

2nd place- Mr and Mrs Gardener ( Pride and Prejudice)

Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner sort of act as a second set of parents to Elizabeth and Jane.

Worst Aunt/ Uncle- owes Anne Elliot £100

1st place- Mrs. Norris (Mansfield Park)

It seems to be Mrs. Norris’s goal to make her niece Fanny feel like a second class family member.

2nd place- Lady Bertram (Mansfield Park)

Lady Bertram just sits back and watches as Fanny is mistreated by Mrs. Norris.

Charecter most like Molly

1st place- Elenor Dashwood (Sense and Sensibility)

The way Elinor handles the different situations she encounters is very similar to how Molly would handle similar situations. Molly resonates with the fact that Elinor is always cautious and practical, even when it comes to being in love.

2nd place- Harriet Smith (Emma)

When Molly was a little girl, she often acted like Harriet. She also is a very big fan of Robert Martain and so is Hariett.

Charecter most like Lydia

1st place- Marianne Dashwood (Sense and Sensibility)

Lydia relates to the way Marianne handles her emotions. She has a lot of them and they’re always intense. Marianne thinks that if she’s not upset about something it means she doesn’t even care. Lydia has noticed this trait in herself, and has been known to weep out of duty. Rest assured, Lydia is trying to break this habit.

2nd place-Fanny Price (Mansfield Park)

Fanny Price lacks social confidence and assertiveness. Even though she seems weak, she knows what she believes and sticks to it even under pressure to do otherwise. Lydia relates to this.

Absolute worst character-has to foot the bill for all the prizes that don’t have anyone else to do so

1st place-Henry Crawford (Mansfield Park)

The committee is so against this fellow that they want him to lose his fortune by paying prize money.

Thank you for attending the Jane Austen Oscars awards ceremony. Have a good day.

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