National History Day

Dear readers, there are a lot of things to discuss in this post so I am going to break it up into sections.

National History Day (Through the lens of Lydia Tyndall)

National History Day is a contest held at Missorri State University for Jr. High and High School students. Each student creates either a performance, paper, website, tri-fold board, or documentary, that relates to a historical topic of their choosing. The projects are judged at the contest, and the top three in each category advance to a state contest at the University of Missorri in Columbia. The winners of this contest, proceed to a nationwide contest in Washington D.C. If you desire to know more about National History day, you can Google it.

The beginnings of Lydia Tyndall’s involvement in History Day

I first heard about History Day because my mother told me about it. I thought it sounded like something that I wanted to do and here we are. I chose to enter the category of Senoir Iduvidual Performance. That’s a very specific category. Let’s break it down word for word.

Senior– I decided to enter the Senior High devision rather than the Jr. high, because of my age and grade.

Induvidual– I could have entered a group project, but I didn’t for two reasons. #1- I didn’t have anyone to do a project with. #2 I’d rather have complete control over the project anyways.

Performance– I thought that performing sounded fun and unique. So yeah….

I have discovered that I picked the highest maintenance and least popular project category available, but honestly that fits my personality. I’m a high maintenance person who likes to do things that are not popular.

The title of my preformence is: My Dear General: Lafayette Washington and Slavery. If you want to know more about this subject, read my process paper.

Missouri State Competition

The first level of competition was held in March at the Plaster Student Union at Missouri State. We spent the entire day in that building. I ended up being the only contestant in my exact category, so it wasn’t too hard to qualify for state. I expected to be a hot mess on the day of my performance, but I ended up feeling relatively chill. To watch a video of my Missouri State performance and interview, click on this LINK. (But if you only have time to watch one version of my performance, I would prefer that you watch my University of Misouri performance because I think it’s better.)

Missouri State photo galery

Lydia and Luke sitting around in the Plaster Student Union.
Lafayette had a little photo shoot
Lafayette demonstrated using his pen
Lydia eating lunch
Luke with a water bottle
The awards ceremony was just riveting
Lydia awkwardly posing with her trophy
A colage that Amy Elizabeth Tyndall compiled

University of Misouri compedition

The State competition at the University of Misouri was held in April. My monologue was edited and improved before this event. Luke did not make the trek to Colimbia. He went to Weekend Retreat at Church while my parents and I journeyed across the state. We stayed at a Dury Inn and Sweetes the night before the competition. The morning of my preformence, I managed to be mostly pulled together. In fact my mother was probally more nervous than I was. There were two Senior Induvidual performers at the University of Missouri, including myself. I won first place and will go to the University of Maryland in June for Nationals. Wish me luck! To watch my University of Missuri performance click on this LINK.

University of Misouri photo galery

Lafayette with his custom made tote bag. He used his cricket machine to cut out the sparkly pink decal and the special embroidery feature on his sewing machine to embellish the handles. Only the best for Lafayette.
Lafyette knitting with bright pink yarn. Who knew he was such a crafter?
Lafayette reading an excerpt from a letter.
After his performance, Lafayette and Amy Tyndall went outside for a photo shoot. Here he poses with a random inspiring quote.
Lafayette on the steps of Jesse Hall.
Lafayette with one of the columns.
Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson discuss how Lafayette plans to take elements from the declaration of independence, and use them in the declaration of the rights of man.
Lafayette and Jefferson are friends.
Lydia, Amy, and Keith went to eat at Shakespere’s Pizza. Lydia was very excited about the Shakespeare aspect of the restaurant. Unfortunately, she discovered that the good ole’ bard was barely even mentioned outside the name.
Keith Tyndall with a tigar.
The awards ceramony was at a fancy theatere
Lydia recieves her prestigous award
Lydia checks to make sure her metal is pure gold.

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