Why I don’t do a reading challenge

Dear readers, many of you may have read my mothers recent blog post about her 5×5 reading challenge. You may be wondering, “Does Lydia do any kind of reading challenge?” The answer? No.

Reading challenges are in essence, rules that a person creates for themselves about what they can read, how much they have to read etc. I often create rules for myself by accident, and that never ends well. I see no reason to create them on purpose. Also, if I were to not finish a challenge, I would flip out and never forgive myself for as long as I live.

My mother says that her reading challenge helps her stay motivated. I feel like I’m naturally motivated to read, without the aid of a challenge.

I don’t want to set a prescribed number of books that I must read in a year. This would make me feel rushed. I would be so nervous about not reading all of the books that I was supposed to, that I would hurry through my reading and not stop and truly enjoy it. I prefer to take my time and not rush through books.

Example: I have been reading Emma by Jane Austen for the past three weeks and am only halfway done with it. I am reading it at such a slow pace because, I frequently stop to reread a passage, look up a word, or read notes from my annotated copy. I don’t have to worry that I’m not reading it fast enough, because there is no deadline for when I need to have it done. Because of this, I am having a great deal of fun reading Emma.

After three weeks of reading I am only halfway done with Emma. (The first little bit of the book is an introduction, whih I didn’t bother reading.)

The point of reading is not to get books done, but to appreciate and understand what they contain. I feel that a reading challenge would help me get a larger number of books read, but it would make me enjoy them less.

5 responses to “Why I don’t do a reading challenge”

  1. After Tale of Two Cities I’m glad you are enjoying our beloved Emma.
    I did finish Tale and started on Little Dorrit, both so dark. I may be ready for Peter Rabbit next.

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    1. I enjoyed Tale of Two Cities, but it’s certainly not anything like Jane! That ending was something! I loved Charles Dickens writing style especially the beautiful descriptions. He has a way of painting a vivid picture of the setting with his words. Glad you were able to read it! I am ♥️ing Emma! Especially enjoy her arguments with Mr. Knightly. Can’t go wrong with good ole Jane.


  2. Well said…nothing is like Jane.
    ❤️ Emma
    Little Dorrit series stars Matthew McFadden and aired a couple years after Mr. Darcy. Obviously it was a must watch.
    It is very dark and set in the debtor’s prison that Dickens own father was in. Lots of sub characters and sub plots, more of a mystery type. I follow along with the video and still need cheat sheet.

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  3. Lydia, I agree. You should read for the sheer love of it, nothing else.

    I have tons of ebooks that I’m going to read someday. Right now I’m reading A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. If you want to read a western, I have a book that Loretta’s Dad gave me.

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