Daytrip to St. Louis

Dear readers, in this post I will chronicle a daytrip that our family took to St. Louis, where we met up with Grandpa and Loretta.

We drove in my dad’s Telsla which runs on electricity from a battery. We had to stop in Rolla to recharge the car. It took about 40 minutes to charge.

The car had to charge again once we arrived in St. Louis.

We visited the “Age of Armor” exhibit at the St. Louis art musem.

No caption needed.

There were also other medieval items on display, such as this wall hanging.

Posed photo.

This is a photo of a small portion of a different wall hanging. I was quite charmed by the unicorn.

Group photo. My mother was the photographer, so that is why she is not pictured.

After we had been through the armor exhibit, we visited other parts of the museum. We went into a room that contained several marble statues. Unfortunately, most of these depicted women who were not fully clothed. For the sake of propriety, I will not publish photos of these stone maidens on my blog. The statue pictured above was a bit of an outsider.

This was the only other statue that was fully clothed. I noticed that these two modest statues were both created by women, while the rest were carved by men.

I always enjoy viewing portraits at art museums.

George Washington!!!!

I love how this guy figured out how to combine a turban and a crown.

I wish that I could hang this picture in my room.

This could be a picture of Jacques and me.

After we had finished at the art museum, we went to a green house called Jewel Box. I loved this place!

It was very hot in the Jewel Box, which allowed for tropical plants to grow.

Luke was not feeling very excited.

Another fully clothed statue!!!!

Loretta gave us some chocolate chip cookies.

After an appropriate amount of travel, we arrived back at our home. Luke and my father were glad to be reunited with Kit Kat.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting trip!


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