Obituary for Oslo Tyndall (2018 – 2023)

Hello my dear readers. I am sad to tell you that my pet gerbil Oslo has completed his life.

Oslo was born at Pet Smart in 2018. The exact date of his birth is unknown. In September of 2018, Oslo and his brother Nicholas (2018 – 2022) were adopted by Miss Lydia Tyndall of Brookline, Mo. Both gerbils lived long, happy lives in a comfortable cage located in the Tyndall household.

In August of 2022 Oslo’s life change forever when his brother Nicholas passed away. Oslo was never the same gerbil again. His recent death is due to a broken heart.

Oslo Tyndall
Oslo with his brother Nicholas.
A graphic representation of the state of Oslo’s heart after the death of his beloved brother.

3 responses to “Obituary for Oslo Tyndall (2018 – 2023)”

  1. We miss you, Nic and Oz. 💔


  2. Those Gerbil bros lived in a good home. I remember how they loved their paper and cardboard products. Rest in Peace Little Guys 

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  3. rest in peace, little guys.


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