I Wrote a Book!

Hello dear readers! I have recently finished writing and illustrating a book! In this post I will discuss the book and provide a means for it to be read.

The title of my book is Ferrars Family Christmas. It is a fan fiction of Sense and Sensibility, in which I imagine how a Christmas gathering might go for the Ferrars family. The story takes place two years after Sense and Sensibility ends, so therefore it contains some pretty major spoilers. If you have never read Sense and Sensibility don’t read Ferrars Family Christmas!!!!!!! For the rest of this post I will assume that you are familiar with the plot of Sense and Sensibility.

After I finished reading Sense and Sensibility, I thought to myself, “I’m sure the Ferrars family will have some very interesting Thanksgiving gatherings.” Then it occurred to me that people in England don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, so my thought changed to, “I’m sure the Ferrars family will have some very interesting Christmas gatherings.” Then I got it into my head that I should write a story about one of those Christmas gatherings and so I did. Once I was nearly complete with writing the story, I got it in my head that I should add illustrations, so I did that too.

After I was satisfied with my efforts, I presented my mother with a manuscript and a stack of illustrations, and told her to figure out what to do with those items. She spent many hours toiling away and now miraculously, my book is free of spelling and grammar errors and has appeared on Amazon, and as a PDF on this blog! Thanks mother!

If you would like to read Ferrars Family Christmas you can either pay Amazon 99 cents (the lowest price that they would allow) to read an ebook or $7.50 to buy a paper book, but I would recomend being wise with your money and reading it for free on this blog.

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  2. The nail file…. 😂


  3. […] Anyway, the story is lots of fun, and so are the illustrations! Click on this Amazon link (we priced the ebook and paperback almost as low are we were allowed) or read the PDF for free on Lydia’s blog. […]


  4. impressive


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