Sense and Sensibility book club

Hello my dear Life of Lydia readers. Yesterday I had the pleasure of having my friend Molly over for a Sense and Sensibility book club. We had so much fun discussing the book and watching the movie adaptation.

Molly and I first met at the L.C.A. end of year party last year. We discovered that we both were into literature and spent a while talking about Pride and Prejudice. We stayed in touch over the summer, and sometime this fall decided to read Sense and Sensibility together. Even before the book club, we discussed the book at length both in person at L.C.A. and via text and phone. This did not mean however, that there was a lack of things to talk about at the book club.

We had a lovely tea party together. My mother joined us but she was the one taking the picture so that is why she is not in it. The menu included: Thumbprint cookies, mini sandwiches, biscuit cookies, apple slices, chocolate, and of course tea. We tried to drink our tea with our pinkies out, but were certainly not as dainty as real regency ladies would have been.

We watched this movie adaptation. We enjoyed making comments as we watched.

I am grateful to my father for setting up the T.V. for us. My mother watched the movie as well, but she sat behind me and Molly.

This is what Edward Ferrars looked like in the movie. I was disappointed to see how handsome he was. In the book he is described as not being handsome. Despite this grievance, I still enjoyed the movie and I believe Molly and my mother did as well.

6 responses to “Sense and Sensibility book club”

  1. What an incredible day you had!!

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  2. Lovely 😍
    Your dishes were your great grandmother’s.
    I received that DVD as a birthday gift the summer before you were born. I also have the screen play by Emma Thompson. You have officially inherited all things Jane from me. ❤️

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    1. Thanks for letting me have the movie!

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  3. It’s a long book! It will take me a while to finish it. I wonder what parts the movie left out.

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    1. The movie left out my top three favorite scenes from the book.


    2. Wayne, it’s been a while since I have read the book or watched the movie, but I think the thing I remember most is the lighting. Especially on the young Kate Winslet and scenery. I thought Emma too old for the part but won an Oscar for the screenplay…so. I agree with Lydia, about Hugh Grant. I always placed Alan Rickman as a villain but liked all the actors in their parts.


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