A conversation

Hello my dear Lydia’s Life readers! Today I am going to share a conversation I had this morning with my beloved mother.

I got a late start on the morning today. It was so warm and cozy in bed that I simply did not wish to depart it. After I had finally gotten up and was eating breakfast, my mother remarked that it was nine O’ Clock. This information had an unpredicted effect on me. I gasped dramatically and flipped out because so much of the morning had passed without me doing my math.

My poor mother, not wishing to deal with a worked up daughter, implored me to chill out, and quit being so dramatic. I felt that this was too much to ask, and in a tone that was not devoid of drama said,

“You have no idea what I suffer.” For some reason I believed that by quoting Marianne Dashwood I could get away with anything I desired, but my mother was too smart for me.

“You mistake me my dear,” she replied “I have been acquainted with your nerves these sixteen years.” Not to be outdone by my mother I said,

“Those who do not complain are never pited.” After this we both laughed and were able to move on with our lives. Somehow the need for drama seemed a little less strong than before, I am happy to inform you that my math was completed before the morning was over. Thank you Jane Austen for helping us get through a rough moment.

One response to “A conversation”

  1. Ha, love it ❤️
    Mother, don’t forget “The more you do for others the less they do for themselves.”


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